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Company general manager Huang Changrong visit Xiaomi technology company

Dongguan Dongrong silicone products Co., Ltd. in March 17th, general manager of Dongguan Dongrong silicone products Co., Ltd. Mr. Huang Changrong made visits to partner Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd., and millet technology related departments senior to a deeper level of negotiation, for the future to millet technology company to provide the depth of cooperation quality silicone epoxy protective sleeve, small bees mobile phone support digital products such as accessories to lay a solid foundation.
Dongrong with leading in silica gel glue industry technology, launched in the millet technology was founded at the beginning of millet mobile phone that launched a cooperation, provide high quality special silicone protective cover and other accessories for the millet mobile phone. Dongrong companies as silica gel glue industry leader, the technical team of high-quality, advanced technology, strict quality, get the same strict quality requirements even picky Xiaomi's identity, so that is the beginning of a cooperative and Dongrong company.
Millet technology in Lei Jun team, just a few years to grow to become the leading domestic also come out in front in the international mobile phone supplier, Dongrong also step along with the development of science and technology of millet, Mr. Huang shock on Xiaomi's fast growth, the Xiaomi's visit the same is also a business from the journey, Xiaomi's out of the ordinary corporate culture, working environment, marketing ideas are Dongrong companies learn.