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Gift Enterprise Alliance, ready to come?

China's gift industry for more than ten years in the trade market gift business owners divided into two categories, one for domestic trade, one for international trade. On the origin of the gift business is divided into two blocks, Guangdong and Zhejiang region.

In the beginning of the development of the gift industry, gift business divisions of its city. Gift consumer market segmentation porridge much less due to the monk does not exist a strong repeatability, no problem at all with each other. Many corporate gifts are invested by Hong Kong, Taiwan, businessmen run, the production of products are mostly exported to the international market, the domestic market does not reflect the huge demand potential is no concern of love. This stage Shenzhen as the center of origin of the gift business to focus on high-end crafts and gifts production and development, and major manufacturers in Zhejiang production and export of commodities, the two sides did not have much product and market conflict.

With the improvement of the level of China's economy, the domestic market demand for increasingly large gift. International trade enterprises to increase foreign trade due to the difficulty and risk, making them more willing to intervene in the system is simple, low-risk investment in the domestic market. This is undoubtedly to focus on the domestic market, corporate gifts gift not a small pressure. Such international trade enterprises, on the financial strength, trade relations, sense of service to be excellent too focused on the domestic market expansion gifts corporate gifts, promotional gift industry coupled with the way the country is relatively simple, so the difference between the two involved in the domestic market during the advance into the domestic market does not give companies a competitive advantage of the gift, so the competition further intensified, smoke flared up again.

Foreign commercial industry, in the development of late have established a certain organization, in order to coordinate and integrate the advantages of contradictions between enterprises of the members of the organization, this model helps to rely on the strength of groups of companies to reap the greatest benefits. Therefore, China's gift enterprise or should spend some time, take the initiative to seek the possibility of cooperation with each other, and the excavation of common interest between them, relief industry undesirable phenomena occur, to achieve a win-win-win even the best situation.

G14 as European football club organization in general, due to the organizers that these football club owner, so in operation will also be able to better serve our corporate profit. Is also a truth, the only real gift companies find each other have the possibility of common interest.

Between China gift industry disorderly competition between enterprises, has been a serious loss of effective resources gift industry. Meanwhile, companies such disorderly competition in turn pulled into a vicious cycle, in order to survive we all companies using a variety of legitimate and illegitimate means to join the war, regardless of legal deterrence spurned and morality, the ultimate outcome can only be dragged down the entire China's gift industry.

Gift enterprise Major League, ready to come when we can do?