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China's cultural gifts office supplies into the brand era

With the pace of reform and opening up, China's stationery office supplies industry has considerable size, China has become the world's largest producer of stationery. According to the China Sporting Goods Association Hanzhong Ren chairman, at present there are more than the size of the domestic stationery office supplies nearly 700 manufacturers, thousands of varieties of products on production, production of many products has reached the highest in the world, such as stationery, office supplies in the purse, stapler, pencil machine, pencil, pen, poker, excavators, stationery, utility knives, silicone bookmark clips, silicone laptop sleeve, book protective sleeve, silicone pen penholder pen and so on. Meanwhile, also formed in Ningbo, Zhejiang Ninghai, Wenzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen, Chaoyang, Dongguan, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Jinjiang industrial features such as stationery area. Total industrial output value of the stationery industry, industrial sales value, export delivery value and other economic indicators over double-digit average annual growth are far more than the average growth rate of the national economy, is China's light industry exports large, in 2002 exports amounted to $ 3.054 billion.


   Meanwhile, Hanzhong Ren chairman also stressed our country is not the world of stationery production of power, there is a brand awareness is not high, low-grade products, not many varieties, added value and low range of issues. Lack of brand-name products competitive in the international market, mostly for processing and OEM, the lack of its own national brands. With the acceleration of economic globalization, the internationally renowned stationery brand setting up shop in China market, promote and foster national brands, enhance the visibility of stationery enterprises, cultivating Chinese famous brand, brand-name enterprises to accelerate the stationery industry, construction, promote the development of stationery industry has become the industry associations priority.


   China Sporting Goods Association adapt to business and market demand, for the second session of China's top ten brands of stationery referral, assessment, through a six-month corporate stationery brand market research, consultation, enterprise reporting, data scoring, the people vote, expert assessment and other work, and through a fair, just, open and scientific principles, elected out of the 12 major stationery brands. Meanwhile, the China Sporting Goods Association and the China Consumers newspaper, network management centers nationwide crackdown common for these companies awarded 3.15 counterfeit protection brand identity certificates and security check in order to protect corporate reputation and credibility.


   Won China's top ten corporate stationery brands are the industry leader, 90 percent of corporate annual output value of over billion, mostly won the provincial famous trademark and brand-name companies. Over the years, they are as a brand name, Chinese national brands, pay close attention to internal management, attention and strengthening technological innovation, technological innovation and product structure adjustment, and actively explore the domestic market, with its different features and ways to play the industry leader role, guiding the mainstream Chinese stationery industry.


   China's top ten brands produce stationery, stationery and healthy development of our office supplies industry has a very important significance. It is an important way to promote the improvement of product quality stationery, office supplies, as well as stationery, office supplies industry great loss, improve the international competitiveness of important initiatives. With these excellent brand as a pilot, I believe that in the near future, China's stationery industry will create more, better, stronger world-renowned brand, a trend lead the world stationery production of power.